What horoscope sign is good for a child of a virgo and capricorn?

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What horoscope sign is good for a child of a virgo and capricorn?
My husband is a capricorn and I am a virgo. We are not planning to have a child yet but when we do plan on having a baby are there any horoscope signs that works well with this combination?

Suggestion by Marina
The one that helps your child have the happiest and healthiest start in life possible. Seriously, it won’t matter what astrological sign your child is, and you should not plan to conceive based on that.

My two kids are Aqaurius, and I never ever in a million years would have designed it that way because I am not the most compatible with air signs. I am learning so much from them, and them from me, so I am so glad that it worked out the way that it did.

Cancer, Scorpio moon, Aqaurius rising

Suggestion by STARZ
since you are both earth signs..go for a taurus..
but remember.. the date of birth just determines your SUN sign.. your personalities etc are favored by your RISING sign.. which can be found with a birthchart .. exact time of birth etc.. and your MOON sign.. =position of moon at birth.
s0– you can have a taurus baby but could act like a scorpio (rising sign) and be totally different than what you expected….
just let GOD decide WHAT is best for you..and go with that.!
good luck..

Suggestion by quistisfinalfantasyviii
Have a child under the Virgo or Capricorn sign or under Taurus (late April to late May), another Earth Sign like Virgo and Capricorn.

Suggestion by Cherbear_Luv
Honestly? Should it matter? You will love you child no matter what.

My dad is Capricorn and has 4 kids (including me) and were all different elements.
My oldest sibling and half brother is a Taurus/Earth. My oldest sister and half sister is a Libra/Air. My older and full sister is a Scorpio/Water and, although I was born very premature I’m a sagittarius/Fire. And we all get along great.
(My mom is Gemini. I don’t know what my dad first wife is, I think Aries)

My sister have 3 kids between them. My older half sister has a daughter who is an Aries. And my older sister has a Sagittarius and Capricorn, they’re both boys.

the best sign for your lil guy or gal, is when you get pregnant and give birth to him or her. Astrology has nothing to with parent child relationships. Cause my full sister is suppose to be a terrible mom and she isn’t.

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What horoscope is most common for questioning things?
Like always wondering things . And what horoscope is common for not questioning things and just accepting them?

Suggestion by xthisismydreamx
I am a virgo, and I’ll tell you what… I over analyze EVERYTHING. Literally, everything.

Suggestion by Answer Me Damnit

Suggestion by turtleneck and chain
wondering things or questioning current beliefs?

wondering i would say sagittarius. im always dreaming what life would be like if ________ were different.

questioning current social norms…i’d say maybe aquarius, i really dont have a clue who the “rebel” sign is.

whenever i think of lacking self confidence i think of pisces. to question current beliefs requires confidence, which most pisces lack.

i could be very very far off, and i had no intention of hurting pisces

Suggestion by Groove IS in the Heart
Virgo and Aquarius for sure and sometimes Leo

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Whats the difference between Horoscope and Astrology?
Whats the difference between Horoscope and Astrology?

Horoscope is supposed to b fake right?

Suggestion by Braydz
Horoscopes are generalized paragraphs about the signs on websites, and in newspapers and magazines. They apparently tell your fortune and future details in order for you to plan accordingly, but in my opinion and most others in this section, Horoscopes are complete garbage. There is a way to forecast in astrology…but not the way typical horoscopes are.

Astrology is a pseudoscience, some say it’s an art, some say it’s strictly a science. I look at it as a more imganative and creative personality test. Just instead of ENFP, or sanguine, choleric, etc – we say sun, moon, rising, etc. Astrology is really only useful when you have your full birth chart. Basing things solely on the sun sign (which is what most people know and why they discredit it so much) is a pretty shallow way to look at astrology.

Cool question, I feel like I learned from answering haha.

Suggestion by TopSecret
a horoscope is a birth chart
horoscopes are usually interpreted as the things you read in the newspaper. people say they’re full of BS but i read in a linda goodman book that actual astrologers write them but it only applies to a real specific set of people as opposed to the mass public (i.e. a taurus rising with taurus moon and sun or something) BUT i haven’t actually done any research or anything to back that up so who knows

astrology is interpreted from latin as literally the “science of stars” (note that astronomy means “law of stars”; sciences are continually altered while laws stay relatively the same). i don’t know about the western way to look at it, but in vedic astrology the planets are there to hold us to our karmas so we can ultimately attain enlightenment by ridding ourselves of selfish desires. our horoscope is simply a blueprint of our karmas and astrology manifests itself through studying, analyzing, understanding and interpreting our horoscope

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5 Responses to What horoscope sign is good for a child of a virgo and capricorn?

  1. Alan Legend March 12, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Gemini…we question EVERYTHING! we always have a question behind another one.

    Aquarius….For some apparent reason they know alot of s**t! LOL!

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  2. Been There March 12, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    Technically a horoscope is a map of the constellations and planets at a specific time, place and date. Horo=hour, scope=take a look at.

    Because a horoscope is incredibly complex, and every individual’s horoscope is totally different, you question be answered.

    However, if you are asking about signs … well, even then, we’re not quite there. The signs used in newspaper horoscopes (they shouldn’t be called horoscopes, because they aren’t, really) … are Sun signs. And Sun does not represent a person’s mental functions. You’re asking about curiousity … so you would have to look at Mercury signs to see how people use their minds. Mercury in Gemini is curious, as is Aquarius, and to some extent Libra … all the Air sign Mercuries. Mercury in Taurus is not introspective, and to some extent the other Earth sign Mercuries are not very curious either.

    But you can’t use Sun-signs for your question.

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  3. blue-eyes March 12, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    aquarius! (me)

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  4. Ava March 12, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    I question everything, Aquarius.

    I know a few Geminis & Libras that don’t question anything.

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  5. Alex March 12, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Cancer if your about to tell them then decide not. Capicorn – don’t really care, if you won’t tell them, they’ll just leave it alone. Sag – they will be mad and try to pull it out of you, and they will succeed (so don’t tell them nothing). And Gemini… They will keep bugging you haha. And if you don’t tell them.. It will be on their mind a lot. Day and night..

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