What does my horoscope sign say about me and my relationship?

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What does my horoscope sign say about me and my relationship?
I am a Sagitarius (girl) what does this say about my personality? Also my boyfriend is a Pisces, are we a good match?

Suggestion by Jonathan Joekel
Horoscopes are all bullsh1t

Suggestion by Howard Edwards
It depends,is he educated and intelligent?then the relationship will not last.

Suggestion by ☼♑ Anamchara☽♒
A natal chart is a mathematical graph depicting the exact location of each of the
planets at the moment of the person’s birth. It, like the person, cannot be duplicated in 25,000 years. It, like the person, is unique and describes ten basic and distinct urges and behaviors found in each of us.

To calculate the placements in a natal chart you’ll need the person’s time and place of
birth. Then go to http://www.astro-software.com , enter the data, and the program will produce a
chart that tells you all the placements and a brief delineation of each.

Once you have the chart, you have the key to the behavior.
(If you prefer Vedic/Sidereal instead, you can go to http://www.zodiacal.com/chart.htm and
get one for free.)

In order to answer the rest of this question correctly, you need to compare the time, place, and date of birth of you and the other person.
It important to compare the degrees between the signs and planets of each chart also. Sun signs are notoriously unreliable for compatibility analysis,
so you really do need to look at the aspects to tell.

If you want to create a Western compatibility chart, you can go to http://www.astro-software.com/cgi-bin/astro/comp2f and put in both birth dates. It will give you a
compatibility analysis which is much more accurate and exact than anything sun sign based.

In general:
Soul mate connections are seen in the aspects between the moon, South Node and soft aspects to Saturn.
Sexual attraction is generally seen in aspects of Venus and Mars.
Intellectual attraction is generally seen in aspects between Mercury and Sun.
Emotional attraction is generally seen in aspects between Moon and Mars.

In The September Issue of Cosmo Girl What was My horoscope?
Ok this might be weird but I really want to know. In the September issue of Cosmo Girl in the back was a school year horoscope thing which told you what was going to happen through the 2008-2009 school year. Now that the school year is almost done I want to know if any of it did. So does anyone have the September 2008 issue of Cosmo Girl with Vanessa Hudges on the cover. I’m a Capricorn. Thanks A Bunch!

Suggestion by Cindi
Im not 100% sure but i think all magazine horoscopes are not true. Or are they?

Theres websites that tell you thinks like that and are probably real, try searching them

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