What does my horoscope hold for me these next few months?

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What does my horoscope hold for me these next few months?
My birthdate is 11/17/80 time of birth is about 11am mountain standard time.
Thanks in advance for your answers!

Suggestion by Marie J
Scorpio – October:

You start the month out in a veritable state of bliss. Yes, you’re getting what you want on the 1st and 2nd. You’re feeling good, you’re looking great, and everybody wants to be your friend. Plus, you’re feeling attuned to the world and at one with your fellow human beings. Wondering what’s going on? Don’t worry about it! Sometimes things just go your way! Around the 7th, your boss will be in a fantastic mood, which means it’s a great time to ask for a promotion. Or a raise. Or a raise and a promotion! And don’t be shy about speaking up — after all, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the holiday bonus. By the 12th, you’re ready to let a little romance into your life, so plan a fabulous date for you and your favorite activity partner And if you’re single, perhaps it’s time to hold some auditions for that coveted role. On the 16th, put your personal relationships first. After all, if you’re always thinking about work you’re not really giving the people in your private life the attention they deserve, and if you’re always at work, you don’t give them the time they need. Then, around the 20th, you need to try to give up a little bit of control. You can’t be in charge all the time! On the 25th, spend the day planning. On the 30th, be careful with a proposition that sounds too good to be true — there’s a pretty high likelihood that it is.

Suggestion by lala
At the beginning of 2009 and for the next 3 yrs your goals and wishes will come true in a way that is almost miraculous ; and you will make new friends [ I mean true friends ] for the rest of your life ; and for the next 5 yrs you will go through some major changes ; I am warning you ; some of those changes will not be always easy ; but you will be reward big time

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How much do you buy into reading your horoscope?
I mean is it ever relevant to your situations your in or how does the one writing those scopes lay out generalities and bank that everyone goes through that or it is happening to it just seems weird..
Do you believe in those people who can predict the future etc..?

Suggestion by ℐяḯṧℌяεⅾ♛
Astrology is just a tool, like an other science or skill. It’s simply a method, a tool, to use for a better understanding of your environment. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other skills, such as psychology, anatomy, astronomy, physiology…..

A person can use this skill properly and get good results, or a person can misuse this skill and get bad results.

Either way, belief is irrelevant.

Astrology isn’t a religion. There’s nothing secretive or esoteric or supernatural about it once you understand how to use it (that’s called developing a skill). It does not require belief, just an understanding of the functions and methods, like any other skill.

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What’s the best site with the best accurate horoscope readings?
a site where you guys go to that you guys think give the most accurate horoscope readings icon smile What does my horoscope hold for me these next few months?

Suggestion by FrozenMeatPuppet
Meatspin.com Has the best ones.

Suggestion by just me

Suggestion by Michelle
Alabe.com is excellent, although I’m not sure if they offer the interactive charts as Astrodienst at http://www.astro.com/ does. Astrodienst is considered the best, as it’s been since it came online in the mid-1990s. The site has expanded through the years and offers personalized horoscopes based on your chart, not just the Sun sign. I usually recommend that when someone wants to see what’s going on with their chart online.

Hope that helps.

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